Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Simply Can't Go Wrong With The Traditional Fisch Schlapping Song

Finland Finland Finland, that's the country for me.

But not really.

I've thought about moving to Europe, and I could totally do it too!  Drive a compact car?  Check.  Watch British TV shows?  Check.  Navigate the London Underground?  Check.  Eat Swiss chocolate?  Check.  I could do this.

But maybe not.

So far, Finland has been nothing like this:

It has, however, been somewhat cold.  It is currently hovering around freezing, which is about 20 degree Celsius (look at me, being all European with my temperature units) warmer than the same week last year.

It's also dark.  Dark when I go to the customer site at 8:30am.  Dark when we leave at 5pm.  The few glimpses I've seen out the windows suggest that it gets dark around 3pm.  Doesn't help with the jetlag.

Tampere is the third largest city in Finland.  That's only in land area.  The land area divided by population number doesn't even qualify it to be classified as a "city" by Euro standards.

Favorite Finnish Food (so far): Karjalanpiirakka, followed closely by a cream cheese Danish.

New favorite drink:  Coffee.  COFFEE.  Coffee with sugar!  Two sugars!  Woo energy!

Okay, time for bed.

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