Saturday, October 15, 2011

London Town

I walked.  It was amazing.  Felt like home and like a dream all at once.  The funny thing is, it made my semester here feel like a dream too.  

Here's the route I took.  Google said I walked for 8 miles.  I'm not sure if I believe that, but my feet sure do.  Currently drinking some WKD Original Alcoholic Blue to numb my feet.  Should sleep soon.

And here are some pictures.  I'm still learning and practicing the long exposure settings on my camera, but I think these turned out rather nice:
Westminster Abbey
More Abbey
I never managed to get a picture of the entire thing last time.  I think it's because I never thought to cross the street.
It's leaning, don't you know?
Words cannot express how much I love this building
The Eye is watching
Thames, London Eye, Parliament
St. Paul's from the Millennium Bridge

St. Paul's

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