Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just One Day

London in one day.  The highlights:

Walked through the city at night.
- Slept a total of six hours because I was busy working and updating my blog.
- Walked again in the morning.
- Strolled through Russell Square and poked head in at British Museum to see the Assyrian lion hunt and the Rosetta Stone.  Walked through the Enlightenment room before leaving.
- Stopped in front of the IES building and thought about the classes I took.
- Hopped across the street to Sticklers, only to find it closed with a "Store for Sale" sign!
- Walked down to Hummus Bros and saw that it is closed on the weekends.  Got a sandwich from Pret outside of the Holborn station.
- Walked through Covent Garden and took a left at Leicester Square to get to Trafalgar Square.
- Spent an hour in the National Gallery visiting old favourites.
- Walked next door and spent the next hour in the National Portrait Gallery.
- Left the gallery and walked along the Mall towards Buckingham Palace.
- Looped back around to get to Westminster Abbey.
- Attended Evensong and Service, which allowed me to listen to the choir sing inside the cathedral (for free!).
- Hopped on the Metropolitan line to South Kensington Station.
- Grabbed two Ben's Cookies and ate one (lemon) while walking to King's Road.  It was even better than I remember.
- Looked fondly at the residence hall before hanging a left and booking it down King's Road.
- Ducked into Waitrose five minutes before closing (5pm on Sundays).  Danced quickly among the familiar grocery store aisles and picked up a few items.
- Strolled leisurely along King's Road back to the residence hall.
- Headed into My Old Dutch for dinner.  The pancakes were bigger than I remembered!  Only finished 2/3rds of it.
- Hopped down the street to Tesco to look around.
- Crossed the street for a cider at the Cadogan Arms.
- Took my time walking back to South Ken station.  Glanced at Hugh Grant's house.
- Rode the Piccadilly line to Piccadilly Circus.
- Stepped into a tourist shop to get Royal Wedding memorabilia.
- Strolled down to Trafalgar Square to see Whitehall at night.
- Hobbled back to Leicester Square station.
- Rode back to Kings Cross and back to the hotel.

My feet are killing me, and I have real work to do.  So, I'm finishing off the day with Vodka Blue and the last Ben's Cookie.

Today was wonderful.

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