Monday, September 19, 2011


I was robbed once. When I was studying abroad in London, a friend and I decided to sees Four Christmases at a cinema down the street from our residence hall. We had done other things earlier in the evening, and in the course of our ramblings, had stopped at an ATM to get out some cash. Since my birthday had occurred during the semester, I also had some American cash in my wallet, courtesy of generous relatives. I had been saving it for who-knows-what, and I hadn't thought of a better place to keep it than my wallet (maybe I thought that if I saw a good exchange rate somewhere, I would trade it for the Pound?). After the lukewarm movie, we stopped at Tesco to get I-don't-remember-what and both opened our wallets to discover them empty of all forms of cash (21st birthday money included). It was one of the most disappointing and scariest feelings I've experienced.

Last night, I had a dream where it happened again.  The same friend and I were contemplating what Chinese candies to buy when I opened my wallet to discover that all the cash had been taken.  In addition, my credit and ATM cards were missing.  And I was still in China, several hundred miles away from the airport where my return flight is originating.  I awoke in a cold sweat, with my heart racing and my mind listing all the things I needed to do: call the bank, call the office, figure out how to get home, etc.  As with any nightmare, it took several minutes to calm myself down and finally fall back asleep.

Now, my question is: what the hell happened to my nightmares?!  Not that I want to have them, but if I do have a nightmare, please make it a proper one!  Monsters in the closet, things under the bed, being chased by an unknown thing, getting a B in a math class.  You know, proper nightmares.  I want to still believe that the Headless Horseman is in my closet, because that's where I put him when my mom read me the story (I always made sure that my closet was closed after that).  What is it with these "grown up" fears and dreams?  No more, please.

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