Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

I'm still holding onto the hope of being a good blogger: interesting, witty, captivating, funny, consistent, poignant, and dedicated.  Unfortunately, I feel none of those things, and I have several blog ideas floating through my head, but none of them are formed enough to sit down and write.  So here they are, the snip-its:

  • I don't own a TV.  Okay, that's not true.  I have a TV.  It was a hand-me-down from my grandmother, and even she thinks that I should replace it.  It's currently hooked up to my VCR so I can watch my handful of VHS tapes that I'm "borrowing" indefinitely from my parents.  And here's the thing: I don't need a TV.  Every show I want to watch is available on Hulu, Netflix, or, and by watching shows online, I minimize my exposure to commercials and TV schedules.  I can watch shows at my leisure and on my own schedule.  
  • Related to the above, I end up watching a lot of TV on work trips.  I turn the hotel TV on for white noise.  When flipping through channels for something to watch tonight, I found 6 crime/murder solving shows, two talk shows, one sitcom, and lots of community cable.  Despite getting sucked into the first few minutes of Without a Trace, I settled on this.
  • The person boarding in front of me on the plane should have read this, specifically the part about choosing seats on a plane.  Stopping in every row and trying to readjust the full baggage bins is fruitless, especially for a bag that can easily fit under the seat in front of you, ma'am.  All you do is hold up the line for the rest of us to board the plane.
  • Tablets are the future of computing.  The touchscreen interface brings a whole new interactive multimedia experience to surfing the web, reading magazines, and playing games.  Plus, it's how we're going to be teaching out children to think.  Example: young couple with a tiny toddler on the plane today.  She started off the flight screaming but they quieted her and kept her entertained by allowing her to play games on their iPad.  The future of parenting, people.
Maybe someday I'll get into a groove with the blog. 

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