Monday, June 13, 2011

"Table for one, ma'am?"

Travel has a funny effect.  It can be isolating, lonely, and distancing.  But it can also be strengthening, reaffirming, and exciting.  Things I never do at home, like eat at a sit-down-and-be-waited-on restaurant by myself, I feel comfortable doing while traveling.  Outside of a book and a coffee shop, I never want to spend more than 5 minutes alone anywhere around home.  What if I run into people I know?  What if others recognize me?  What if people look at me and think, "Ha.  She's a loner.  No friends.  By herself.  Sucks to be her."?  

Traveling is different.  Maybe it's the comfort of knowing that I don't know anybody.  Maybe it's the idea that everyone else in the airport Ruby Tuesday's is in the same boat.  None of us particularly want to be waiting on a flight in the airport two states away, but at least we can get a margarita to keep us company.  

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