Friday, March 11, 2011


Privately religious.  Privately religious?

The Utoid and I had a conversation last night about definitions and values.  Some things he said about relationships and love left me shocked.  Knowing his parents, I said that I was surprised that his values didn't match.  From my experience, most kids' opinions (post-teen years, of course) tend to resemble those of their parents and upbringing.  He pointed out that sometimes the offspring hold the parental values in odd ways.  When I asked for clarification, he used my religion as an example, said that if I hadn't already told him that I am religious, he would have never been able to tell.  He went on to say that I don't display a single sign in my manner of speaking, my attitude, my expressions, or my personality that would point to me being religious.

Well, I felt like I had been called a heretic.  But it also got me thinking.

No, I don't go to church (outside of my parents' church while home), nor do I pray regularly (and never in public).  I don't read the Bible on a consistent basis (but I have read it in its entirety).  I don't tithe.  I eat meat on Fridays, and I work on Sundays.  But that doesn't mean I'm unreligious, that I'm not a Christian.

So, am I privately religious?  I guess so.

It was never a conscious choice, the privatization of religion.  I don't feel comfortable with the idea of evangelizing.  It's not my place to force my beliefs on another person.  I don't often talk about it, because those who bring it up are usually looking for a fight.  Being unable to express my thoughts in the face of ruthless debaters is not my idea of a good time, so I tend to let it go (aside from mushrooms, there is nothing I hate more than "debating" someone who drills their point into you, then stomps you into the ground for good measure).  Maybe somewhere between deciding not to evangelize and keeping quiet during religion talks, I lost my religion.  My public religion.

Lent started on Wednesday.  During the time of year where people are giving things up, I've found that I've already done that.  I've already given up everything [public] about my religion.

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