Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life as a "Grown Up"...

May 16, 2010 saw the beginning of a new experiment in the life of a recently diploma-ed scientist-in-training.  The new investigation? Adulthood.  Riddled with job applications, apartment hunts, business clothes buying, and residence changing, the new research project of the mathematician was underway.

Now, after nine months into the experiment, first results are being drawn:

Pros about being an adult:
- Bacon
- Buying candy
- Staying up late
- Watching whatever I want on the TV
- Driving
- Having my own place
- Paychecks!
- Not being forced to eat gross foods.  Like mushrooms.
- No more homework!
- Legal drinking
- Setting my own schedule
- Work-paid travel

Cons about being an adult:
- Bills.  Student loans.  Car payments.  Seriously, life is expensive.
- Work.
- Taking work home.
- No more summer vacations.
- No more winter breaks.
- Responsibility
- Working while traveling

Preliminary conclusions: adulthood is okay.

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